Happiness a never ending search

In search of happiness



Every human being has a dream or life goal. The goals are different like to be an engineer, doctor, chartered accountant, sportsman, or an artist. All these goals lead to happiness. So everybody is in search of happiness.

However, when they try to find a way to their happiness they get confused. They see different routes to happiness and get confused.

I had read a story during my childhood. There was a belief that at the end of a rainbow where it touches the ground a pot full of gold is buried in the ground. Everybody tried to reach that spot but it kept going farther and at one point in time it vanished. The story applies to those who are in pursuit of happiness.

Happiness defined

In order to clear the confusion, understand what happiness means to you. Do not look for advice or guidance. The perception of happiness is different for everyone, as every individual is different. Everybody cannot enjoy the same food even if it is prepared by the best chef. Somebody prefers spicy hot food, while others may like sweet food.

Even we feel the same action or event differently in different situations. Let me share my own example. I love my grandson immensely. I get an opportunity to meet him once a year for a few weeks only. During that period I spent maximum time with him. He makes me play with him. Since he is only four years old, he is bubbling with energy. I really sweat while playing with him. But I never feel tired of him. On the contrary, I find the energy and the highest happiness during that period. During the rest of the year, these memories serve as a source of peak happiness to me. But when I exert myself taking exercises for the same amount of effort, it tires me out. The exertion is the same. In the first case, it elates my heart the other is part of daily routine and mandatory.

Sources of happiness

Mid adult man hitting shuttlecock with badminton racquet in court.
Punk, Music, City Street, Guitar, Artist

So happiness is found in whatever touches your heart. It could be food, hobby, relationship, or profession. Obviously, happiness is not the same for all. It is unique to everyone. Also, all the sources of happiness are temporary. If you find all these that are of your interest every day, then it becomes routine. The charm gets lost. Therefore there is no eternal happiness.

Happiness and pain – Contrast effect

A color becomes prominent against contrasting colors. Similarly, happiness becomes enjoyable when you go through some pain to achieve it. You find that sweet feeling at the end of hard work. Do not expect happiness in an easy life. It may be pain-free but you do not get the special feeling of happiness. If you consider my previously stated example, my enjoyment during my meet with my grandson is due to a long separation from him. If I get to meet him frequently, still I would enjoy time with him as I love him so much. But when I meet him after a long separation the happiness gets added with a special charm. We find happiness in a relationship when during a fight or argument the other person steps down to appease us. The principal is anything in this word becomes prominent by contrast. If you see the moon in the sky during the day, it does not attract you because it is dim against the sunlight. But the same moon becomes charming and beautiful in the night sky.

A color becomes prominent against contrasting color. Similarly happiness becomes enjoyable when you go through some pain to achieve it. You find that sweet feeling at the end of hard work. Do not expect happiness in an easy life. It may be pain free but you do not get the special feeling of happiness. If you consider my previously stated example, my enjoyment during my meet with my grandson is due to long separation with him. If I get to meet him frequently, still I would enjoy time with him as I love him so much. But when I meet him after a long separation the happiness gets added with a special charm. We find happiness in a relationship when during a fight or argument the other person steps down to appease us. The principal is anything in this word becomes prominent by contrast. If you see moon in the sky during the day, it does not charm you because it is dim against the sunlight. But the same moon becomes charming and beautiful in the night sky.

Happiness is not a destination

Do not expect eternal happiness. Do not believe anybody who promises you that. Try to find happiness wherever, whenever you can. Try your favorite dish once in a while. Spend time working on your hobby when you find the time. Watch or play your favorite sport when you are free. Go to a destination of your interest once a month.

But you spend most of your time in your profession and the rest of the time in a relationship. So these are the two things which can instill happiness in your life. Find a profession that allows your strength or unique qualities to be fully utilized. For this, you need to discover your unique strengths and match careers. The career counselor can help you to do that if you are not sure.

The next is relationship. Try to develop a good relationship with your love. Of course, it has to be a two-way process.

Finally, remember that happiness is not a destination. It is a discovery on the way of our life path. Enjoy it whenever you find it. Do not regret it when you pass on. The memories will form your treasure of happiness. Tap it whenever you are alone and down.

My best wishes for a happy life to my readers.

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Happiness to wealth

Pure happiness

How to find happiness

We have two destinations in life, which are fixed for everybody. Starting destination is birth and the last destination is death. In between the two destinations lies our life. We all try to find happiness in life.


Happiness is in different forms and so is every human. Hence happiness is different for everybody. But the ultimate aim for finding happiness lies in earning enough wealth. So everybody tries to earn wealth as much as they can. In the quest for money, we work hard and long hours. We sacrifice our own leisure, time for our close relatives and friends. In the process, we hurt or damage relations. We buy a house, car; spend a vacation once a year. If you weigh the losses against gains, we find losses overweigh the gains.

The secret

Where do we go wrong? The secret is the journey does not start with wealth and ends in happiness as generally believed. It is vice versa. The journey starts with happiness and ends in wealth. By creating wealth we add to our happiness by making our near ones happy.


Confused? Let us take an example. Alphonso mangoes grow in the Konkan area of Maharashtra. Oranges grow in Nagpur and Apples grow in Kashmir. If they are grown in other areas, the fruits are not as tasty and juicy as in the above-mentioned areas. Why? Because only specific areas have the soil and weather that suits these fruit-bearing trees. The same thing applies to our happiness. To grow happiness requires certain attributes those suit the particular person.

The ingredients for happiness

Every person is unique in terms of qualities like strengths, skills, and interests. These qualities and interests form the basic ingredients for happiness. To cultivate happiness you need to feed these ingredients to your life. A child who is skilled in drawing, music, or sports should be provided with training and other facilities to cultivate his/her interests. If the parents force the child to focus on academics and leave its interests in the background, the child may still perform but will never be happy, and his/her progress will be limited.

I came across a nice quote in this regard. It says, “A formal education can earn you a living, but self-education can earn you a fortune”. A glaring example is the great Indian cricket team ex-captain M.S. Dhoni. He had a job as a Ticket collector in Indian railways. It was a secured job and was making a comfortable living. But he was not happy in his job. He took the risk to resign and start a career in cricket. The wealth he got would have been beyond his dreams if he had continued in the secured job.

Summary and conclusion

Take control of your own life. Stop living to satisfy the expectations of others. Identify your own interests and strengths. Ignore the criticism and believe in yourself.  Find your own career path instead of following the crowd. If required find a mentor. Do not get disheartened by failures and difficulties on the way. Take a break and recharge yourself.  Keep going till you reach your goal.

At the end of the road lies your dream goal.

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Recharge for the new begining

Watch blockbuster movies from the comfort of your home

The holiday season is on. Diwali has just passed. Christmas is a couple of months ahead followed by New Year. A pleasant season of winter is about to start. Offices are going to open up. It is time to relieve you from the painful memories of last year and refresh for the daily grind and also for a career leap.

A refreshed mind always ignites hope and energy for progress. You can either go on a vacation or spend time on your hobbies. Listen to favorite music or watch favorite movies. The purpose is to get enough energy for a fresh start. Forget what you have lost. Set your eyes on the future.

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Mental health plus physical health

Health indicators

We all try to maintain physical fitness as much as we can. Exercise, walking, Zumba are some of the activities, that is done for maintaining physical fitness. But we do not care for mental health fitness. This is because; physical fitness can be observed visually and measured by standards like weight and height.

Mental health has no visual appearance. Mental health can be self-assessed by the happiness factor. Higher the happiness better is mental health. Now the question is how to decide happiness. Let us first define happiness.

Definition of happiness

Happiness is in successfully achieving our goal. The goal could be anything. It could be being praised at home or office, or learning something new, or completing any other activity. When a person feels happiness in most of the daily activities, he/she can be said to be happy. Also, one who gets sound sleep and gets up fresh after sleep is said to be happy. It can be said that such a person has sound mental health.

Health is  the foundation for success

Mental health gives us the inspiration to see dreams and drives us to work towards them. It also allows us to be innovative. Physical fitness provides us the energy to work towards our goals. The two combined together allow us to decide and reach our goal. In short, these two factors are the contributing factors to our success.

A human being starts dreaming in his/her early childhood. But firm ideas start taking shape around the age of 13-14 years. This is the stage when their interests and skills need to be explored. Every individual has unique and distinct strengths. Parents need to take the help of a career counselor to discover their child’s strengths at this stage. His/her career needs to be planned that matches with the unique strength and skill. This ensures developing the sound mental health of that child.

For adults, it is often observed that most people work to earn their livelihood. But they are not happy in their job as their job is not of their interest. When a person is forced to spend half of his/her life working on something that is not of his/her interest, it affects that person’s mental health. It shows in their performance, success and happiness.

Factors affecting mental health

Apart from the above over-commitment is a major factor affecting mental health. Over-commitment to own family or to office results in pushing own interests down. Though such over-commitment wins praise from family members or bosses, these are temporary.  In the end, it is self-achievement that wins respect in family, society, and profession. Over-commitment results in sacrificing self-development.

Tips for maintaining sound mental health:

  1. Do not continue in a job you dislike. Find a career of your interest. Reskill yourself to be eligible for the career of your interest. Once ready for a new career, change your job.
  2. Always give time to your own interests and self-development.
  3. Have a perfect work-life balance.
  4. Never ever over-commit, whether it is personal or professional.
  5. Learn to say a polite but firm no. It may cause temporary bitterness. But in the long term, it eliminates a lot of stress and strain.
  6. Learn from the past but do not stay in it for too long.
  7. If you fail or commit a mistake, do not keep that guilty feeling for long. Think of the future and proceed.

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Ideas to find your dream jobs

Following the crowd

The common practice of job hunt is to search for jobs on job portals and advertisements on media and various platforms. This process is followed by masses. Obviously, there are hundreds of applications for a single vacancy. There are many eligible applicants among those hundreds. You being able to stand out from the crowd become a lesser probability.

Tapping the hidden job market

Therefore you have to find other sources for your job search. Following are some of them:

  1. Visit the company websites. On the home page you may find “Careers” page, where they publish available careers and eligibility criterion. You can register on that site and post your resume. They will get back to you whenever they have a vacancy.
  2. If you know the organizations providing your desired job opportunities, check the contacts of related department heads on Linkedin. Send your resume to their email or contact directly. Most of the time they forward such applications to their HR department. An application received through department head receives better attention.
  3. There are some portals publishing remote job opportunities. These opportunities are from diverse fields like accounts, secretarial, marketing, designing and animation etc. You can register on these sites. They keep on showing the opportunities. When you find something of your interest you can apply or bid as the case may be.

    Some useful platforms

  1. Following are a couple of sites:

Flexjobs and Barefoot student

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Free important digital marketing tools

Dear job seekers

If you are searching for jobs, beware. Many current jobs are on their way to their extinction. Instead of wasting your time and energy in chasing these jobs, look for new opportunities. Opportunities do not approach us. We have to grab them when they are passing by.

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Digtal marketer’s dream solution


What are the basic needs of a digital marketer?

1. A website hosting
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3. Autoresponder
4. File storage
5. Funnel

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Future Careers

Rise and fall of Careers

The changing Jobs and Industries

When I was a child, I mean the period up to 1980s. Gangs of hundreds of laborers working at construction sites like Bridges, Dams, and large Buildings used to be a common sight. Excavating used to be done by men with axes and pickles. Then there used to be a line of laborers passing the debris pans up to the truck to carry the debris away. It used to take approximately 20-30 minutes to load a truck.

After 1990 when construction activity in India picked up, Contractors started using Poclain excavators. The excavators replaced hundreds of workers and saving a tremendous amount of time. The same thing happened in industries. Laborers were used in industries for moving material from one place to another. This was replaced by overhead cranes and Forklift trucks for movement and loading, unloading of material.

Those doing manual labor work lost jobs, as their jobs vanished. New jobs for crane, forklift trucks operators, and mechanics became available.

Around the same time, a revolution started taking place in office jobs. Computers made the arrival in India. Life Insurance Corporation of India, which was a large employer for Clerks, introduced computer systems in their offices. These computers replaced the jobs of clerks. Maintaining and updating various ledgers became easier, faster, and secure on computers.

The position of clerks which was essential in all offices became redundant. New positions as computer operators/ data entry operators were created.

Similarly, whole industries closed down due to technological changes. Photographs used to be captured on films coated with chemicals. These films used to be developed in Film Developing Laboratories. The final photographs used to be formed after a series of chemical processes. A lot of people were employed in this industry. These jobs were specialized jobs, unlike clerical and labor jobs.

When digitalized photography was introduced, the whole film processing industry closed down.

The above are a few examples of jobs lost due to advanced technology. The progress of new technologies has become faster in the current age. Previously new technologies used to be introduced in India, years after it got established in the rest of the world. Now it is happening almost immediately.

Warning Bells

The above examples are to make the Students aware of the future. While choosing careers if they simply follow their predecessors, they may be in for a rude surprise. After following a career path for such jobs, they may find those jobs vanish. I can see a few developments which are going to affect many jobs.

New Education Policy

The new education policy which the Central Government of India is going to impose, stresses individual skills and strengths. This will reduce the importance of the Board and some competitive examinations. It will bring an end to the rat race for percentage. This will mean the end of coaching classes. This will affect those working and aspirant Teachers. Teaching will also change to online training wherever possible. Hence teachers will require to upgrade their skills and learn online teaching techniques.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Robotics

This technology is fast developing. This technology will make 50% of jobs redundant in the next 20 years. We have seen robotic surgery introduced in India. AI will replace jobs at all levels from Customer care to preventive maintenance. At the same time, many more jobs will be created in the new field. Students should therefore take a well-studied decision before choosing a career.

Some new rising careers

There are some new careers that are on the rise. Due to environmental concerns and Pandemic following career is in demand and will continue to rise.

Health, Safety and Environment management

All multinational companies have a dedicated department for this function. Salaries offered are anywhere from INR 500K per annum to 1000K per annum.


As the Work from Home, culture is becoming a regular job culture and due to an increase in online operations, this field has assumed high importance. There are many institutes providing these courses. A lot of new opportunities will become available in this field.


Digital Marketing

Marketing is an evergreen field. Advertising is the main function of marketing. It is fast changing from print and media advertising to Digital marketing. It allows advertisers to reach the right customer at the right place. All industries, manufacturers, service providers even politicians need Digital Marketers. There are jobs for Digital marketers. Also, this job can be done on a freelancing basis. Commissions earned by Digital marketers have no limits.

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