Future Careers

Rise and fall of Careers

The changing Jobs and Industries

When I was a child, I mean the period up to 1980s. Gangs of hundreds of laborers working at construction sites like Bridges, Dams, and large Buildings used to be a common sight. Excavating used to be done by men with axes and pickles. Then there used to be a line of laborers passing the debris pans up to the truck to carry the debris away. It used to take approximately 20-30 minutes to load a truck.

After 1990 when construction activity in India picked up, Contractors started using Poclain excavators. The excavators replaced hundreds of workers and saving a tremendous amount of time. The same thing happened in industries. Laborers were used in industries for moving material from one place to another. This was replaced by overhead cranes and Forklift trucks for movement and loading, unloading of material.

Those doing manual labor work lost jobs, as their jobs vanished. New jobs for crane, forklift trucks operators, and mechanics became available.

Around the same time, a revolution started taking place in office jobs. Computers made the arrival in India. Life Insurance Corporation of India, which was a large employer for Clerks, introduced computer systems in their offices. These computers replaced the jobs of clerks. Maintaining and updating various ledgers became easier, faster, and secure on computers.

The position of clerks which was essential in all offices became redundant. New positions as computer operators/ data entry operators were created.

Similarly, whole industries closed down due to technological changes. Photographs used to be captured on films coated with chemicals. These films used to be developed in Film Developing Laboratories. The final photographs used to be formed after a series of chemical processes. A lot of people were employed in this industry. These jobs were specialized jobs, unlike clerical and labor jobs.

When digitalized photography was introduced, the whole film processing industry closed down.

The above are a few examples of jobs lost due to advanced technology. The progress of new technologies has become faster in the current age. Previously new technologies used to be introduced in India, years after it got established in the rest of the world. Now it is happening almost immediately.

Warning Bells

The above examples are to make the Students aware of the future. While choosing careers if they simply follow their predecessors, they may be in for a rude surprise. After following a career path for such jobs, they may find those jobs vanish. I can see a few developments which are going to affect many jobs.

New Education Policy

The new education policy which the Central Government of India is going to impose, stresses individual skills and strengths. This will reduce the importance of the Board and some competitive examinations. It will bring an end to the rat race for percentage. This will mean the end of coaching classes. This will affect those working and aspirant Teachers. Teaching will also change to online training wherever possible. Hence teachers will require to upgrade their skills and learn online teaching techniques.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Robotics

This technology is fast developing. This technology will make 50% of jobs redundant in the next 20 years. We have seen robotic surgery introduced in India. AI will replace jobs at all levels from Customer care to preventive maintenance. At the same time, many more jobs will be created in the new field. Students should therefore take a well-studied decision before choosing a career.

Some new rising careers

There are some new careers that are on the rise. Due to environmental concerns and Pandemic following career is in demand and will continue to rise.

Health, Safety and Environment management

All multinational companies have a dedicated department for this function. Salaries offered are anywhere from INR 500K per annum to 1000K per annum.


As the Work from Home, culture is becoming a regular job culture and due to an increase in online operations, this field has assumed high importance. There are many institutes providing these courses. A lot of new opportunities will become available in this field.


Digital Marketing

Marketing is an evergreen field. Advertising is the main function of marketing. It is fast changing from print and media advertising to Digital marketing. It allows advertisers to reach the right customer at the right place. All industries, manufacturers, service providers even politicians need Digital Marketers. There are jobs for Digital marketers. Also, this job can be done on a freelancing basis. Commissions earned by Digital marketers have no limits.

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