Spiritual energy

Spiritual health is something that lies outside our body. It is an universal energy that powers us through difficult times of our life. 

When the going is smooth without any obstacles, we do not feel any need for spiritual health. However, when we are caught in a hopeless situation, feel left alone without any support, we approach our faith, may it be God, or mentor. They are the only support in such conditions. 

Nobody can say with certainty whether the universal or divine forces come to our rescue. But if your faith is strong enough, you get the mental strength to stand on your own feet and push yourself out of the hopeless situation.

This is the reason why many scientists, technologists, and leaders have faith in God or their mentors. However, it is important to understand the difference between faith and blind faith. Faith is to get the energy and start our way ahead. Blind faith is to leave everything to God or mentor and wait for the problems to get solved without our efforts.

Having faith is good. It is like a reserved source in need of time. Blind faith is a sure way to disaster in difficult times.

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