Do you know what an opportunity is?

Opportunity is an event or happening that allows you to profit from.

For a student a competition or examination is an opportunity to rank higher.

For a working professional, creation of a new important position is an opportunity to progress in his/her career.

In sports, a competitor making a mistake is an opportunity for the player to win.

The above are opportunities that you have to wait for. You do not have control over them. When you find such an opportunity, you are said to be lucky.

The other type of opportunities are created by the individuals themselves.

In the case of a student, choosing an offbeat career is creating opportunity for him/herself. Take the example of Sachin Tendulkar, who chose a cricketing career over university education after highschool.

In the case of a working professional, changing an uninteresting job and finding a new profession is creating an opportunity for prosperity. Take the example of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who resigned from Indian Railways to become a cricketer. Late Dhirubhai Ambani gave up his job in a Gulf country, and started his own business.


The conclusion is that every individual has two options in life.

  1. Wait for an opportunity to happen. You cannot decide the time limit. Grab the opportunity and take advantage immediately. If you keep thinking how or whether to use it, the opportunity will get lost, or someone else will take advantage of it before you do. The next opportunity may never come.
  1. Be alert, spot the opportunities. Choose the one that suits you best. Dare to jump for it and start making best use of it.

Remember 90% of ideas die out in over thinking.

Get help of a mentor. In Mahabharata (A Hindu epic), Arjun did not win the war only through his archery skill. There were many strong warriors like Bhishma, Drona in Kaurav’s army. He won because of his mentor, “Shri Krishna”.

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