Mental health

Mental health

Mental health is not visible like physical health. Physical health is visible in the form of muscles, and figures and can be measured by height and weight. Mental health shows up in our behavior and interaction with others. It also shows our progress and success rate.

Root causes affecting mental health

The question is how we maintain our mental health in sound condition. To start with let us go to the root causes, responsible for affecting our mental health. A child has perfect mental health, becomes its only requirements are food and care. The only expectations are timely feeding and attention. Parents especially mother is always there to comply with these expectations. She is therefore able to keep the child happy.

As the child starts growing up, it starts observing around and building up expectations. The requirement for toys, food items like chocolates, etc. is a few examples. They start showing tantrums when these needs are not satisfied.

Later when they start schooling competitive spirit sets in. Whether it is examinations or sports or any other activity, parents push their children in the competition.

Later in life expectations and competition become major causes of mental health. Family and social atmosphere add up to these causes.

Dealing with mental problems

We, however, cannot give up any expectations and stay away from the competition. But we can limit ourselves from raising expectations and entering into too much competition.

The most important thing is to stop comparing ourselves with others. Every individual is unique in terms of strengths and skills. These are the factors that lead to the development of our passion.  Understand your strengths gifted to you by nature. Parents must encourage their children to develop themselves in the area of their strengths, instead of comparing themselves with their schoolmates. Education route after high school has to be chosen which is consistent with their passion.

If you are an adult and unhappy with your job, try to change your career in the direction of your passion. Career counselors, who are experts in discovering individual strengths and mapping suitable career paths can help you in identifying your strengths.

Important tips

  1. Never ever unnecessarily compare yourself with others
  2. Never get disheartened by a failure
  3. Control your life yourself.
  4. Never allow others to take you for granted.
  5. Build up your expectations in manageable steps.
  6. Learn to say no.
  7. Develop a habit of strictly keeping your personal relations separate from professional relations.

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