It is a well-established rule that when Interests, Passions, and job match, life becomes happy. World’s leading stock trader Warren Buffet said, if you select the job of your passion, you do not have to work a single day in your life. This means such a job does not feel like a job at all. It is like a hobby.

Choosing a career after Highschool is a Life making decision. After Highschool choices are either Graduation in Arts, Commerce, or Science, else various Professional, Technical courses including Engineering and Medical. Bachelor’s Degree has been a traditional choice in India. But times have changed and so are opportunities. 

Before you make a choice, keep in mind that you are going to invest three important years of your life and a lot of money. At the end of it, are your dreams. So make a well-thought choice. Some of the tips to make a choice:

  1. Write  down your real Interests, Passion and Strengths
  2. Find jobs which are in line with the above and you would like to work
  3. Think of the future and find out which jobs are going to exist and will be in demand.
  4. Make a list of such jobs and shortlist a couple of jobs from the above list.
  5. Find out the eligibility criterion for these jobs
  6. Lastly, find out the Education stream / Courses which take you to that eligibility. This is your career choice.

The best option is to consult a Career Mentor. You can not take chances with your career. 

Note : Some of the jobs for which there will be growing demand are 

Web security and Industrial Safety, Health and Environment management. 

Institute for Industrial Safety, Health and Environment visit website 


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