Ideas to find your dream jobs

Following the crowd

The common practice of job hunt is to search for jobs on job portals and advertisements on media and various platforms. This process is followed by masses. Obviously, there are hundreds of applications for a single vacancy. There are many eligible applicants among those hundreds. You being able to stand out from the crowd become a lesser probability.

Tapping the hidden job market

Therefore you have to find other sources for your job search. Following are some of them:

  1. Visit the company websites. On the home page you may find “Careers” page, where they publish available careers and eligibility criterion. You can register on that site and post your resume. They will get back to you whenever they have a vacancy.
  2. If you know the organizations providing your desired job opportunities, check the contacts of related department heads on Linkedin. Send your resume to their email or contact directly. Most of the time they forward such applications to their HR department. An application received through department head receives better attention.
  3. There are some portals publishing remote job opportunities. These opportunities are from diverse fields like accounts, secretarial, marketing, designing and animation etc. You can register on these sites. They keep on showing the opportunities. When you find something of your interest you can apply or bid as the case may be.

    Some useful platforms

  1. Following are a couple of sites:

Flexjobs and Barefoot student

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