Health – your growth engine

Health - Fuel for your progress

Health is a growing problem in recent years in spite of developments in medical science. On one hand more and more diseases like Cardiovascular, liver, and kidney problems which were incurable, can now be treated successfully by transplantation.

On the other hand, the occurrence of these diseases has increased. Previously Cardiovascular problems were limited to those aged 60 years and more in most cases. Now the age barrier has come down to 50.

Medical research has pinned the blame on modern lifestyle. Absence of exercise, insufficient sound sleep and diet lacking nutrients are the basis reasons for the above life threatening diseases. Poor health affects creativity, mood, and positivity that results in negative life that is another problem.

It is therefore necessary to fit the above three factors in our daily schedule. If you don’t have time to go to a gym, walk whenever you can. Climb at least a couple of ladders everyday. Do not compromise your sleep hours for your profession. Add vegetables, fish and flesh to your diet.

 If you are time stretched to cook nutritious dishes due to your heavy schedule, use ready made nutrients available in the form of food supplements.

In any case try to keep your health in perfect condition. After all, health provides the fuel to your growth engine.

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