Health is your best asset

Health is our top priority. Naturally the first question that comes to our mind is, “why”. To answer this question let us understand what is healthy. 

Body – A complex system

Our body is a complex system. A human body consists of five systems. These systems are as follows:

  1. Respiratory system 
  2. Digestive system 
  3. Circulation system 
  4. Neurological system 
  5. Reproductive system 

When all these systems are working fine in an individual, he/she is said to be healthy. 


The ancient Indian medicine system known as Ayurveda is based on this consideration. Any disease is attributed to the faltering system. The treatment is based on restoring and strengthening the faulty system. It lets the body heal itself. 

At birth the child is healthy unless the mother is malnourished or affected by a disease. Health needs to be maintained like any machine. Exercise, nutrients rich food and enough sleep are the maintenance tools. 

Physical and Mental health

This is physical health which is visible. The other part of health is mental health which is equally important. 

All the above systems are controlled by the brain, so as to keep them working in unison. When the brain works to its full ability, mental health is said to be perfect. Stress free lifestyle, and a positive attitude are the tools for maintenance of good mental health. 


Any machine that is maintained properly works efficiently, and gives the best output. Similarly, a healthy person can perform better, and become more successful. 

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