Happy new year

Happy new year

Dear readers

The new year is less than a week away. All of you must be busy preparing to celebrate. What makes 1st January a special date from any other date? 1st January comes with a strong hope of changing our life for good. Positivity of mind is at the highest point.  So we make resolutions and start dreaming a beautiful future.


Dreams are good. They charge us with positive energy. But wake up. Dreams are of two types. One is day dreaming and other realistic. When a dream is not specific or is vague it may be a day dream. Like dreaming of owning a plush apartment, a luxury car, enjoying exotic holidays are vague dreams. To have it all you need to raise your income to be able to spend on your dreams. So raising your income to that level is your real dream. Because this dream is measurable. Now you can plan a strategy to increase your income towards your goal.

Day dreams die out fast and so does the positivity associated with it.  So if you want to make the new year really happy and life changing, start with seeing a specific dream. Think what is that one thing you are missing most. It could be relationship, a coveted position in your job, or it could be an entrepreneur vision. Know well that money cannot be a goal. The goal is the means by which you are going to earn. Money is the outcome of satisfying your inner needs. Even if you find a loving, supporting relationship, the mental piece creates a spring of happiness. Happiness is the main source of positive energy. The positive energy allows your brain to think out of the box. It allows you to take the risks, negotiate obstacles. The more you do it, more positive energy gets released. The cycle goes on and then you break all barriers and reach your goal. You become victorious.

New year resolutions

The point I am trying to drive at is to choose a proper goal. Proper goal is the one that you are missing most in life. This could be a relationship with your spouse, children, or a friend. If you are having frequent arguments, then sorting out the problem could be your goal. Think about the problem and find solution by having heart to heart talk. If the relationship is beyond repairs, come out of it.

If you are a young adult, your goal could be to find love of your life. If you are a family person, your goal could be to satisfy your family members’ needs and also, provide them with enjoyment.

The major need is to have financial freedom. This requires review of your present job or profession. If you see opportunities, then find out how can you tap them. It may require updating or acquiring new skills. It may sometimes require your attitude and thought process,

If you do not see opportunities in your job, or you find your job not matching your characteristic, find a job of your interest and start reskilling yourself to be eligible for that job. Find a way to a smooth career transition.

You need to start your journey towards your dream. If you leave everything to fate, you will never find your dream. When you work intelligently in your job, and put in your efforts, your management rewards you by way of salary raise or promotion. Similarly, God showers blessings on those who work hard in fulfilling their dreams. Those who do not put in their efforts, often get neglected.

It is your choice, whether you want to contribute in making this new year a happy or a normal year. Prepare to welcome the new year not just by celebrating, but also by visualizing a dream and making plans to realize it.

I offer my best wishes. Wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

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