Happiness is an experience, not an event

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Happiness, most desired  feeling

During our life we get different feelings like fear, grief, tension, curiosity, and happiness. But happiness tops all the feelings. What makes happiness the most desired feeling? If you consider food, it comes in different tastes like hot, sweet, bitter and raw etc. Different people prefer different tastes. So is the case in case of arts, hobby etc. But when it comes to happiness it is the desired feeling for almost everybody.

Happiness a source of positivity

What makes it so special? It is because happiness when it comes occupies our mind and drives out all negativities from there. When we clear the computer of all the clutter, it starts working faster. Similarly, happiness clears the negativities from our mind, and makes space for innovative thinking. Innovative thinking boosts creativity. Happiness also serves as a miraculous energy tonic.

Creativity and energy together serve as a launch pad and booster for our progress. It is therefore important to achieve and preserve happiness to make life a pleasant journey.

How to keep ourselves happy

How to keep ourselves positive and find happiness frequently? Following are a few tips.

Find a few moments during your routine, once a day, once a week, or once a month with yourself. You should be alone and away from your daily grind during these moments to avoid distraction. Think of your painful memories or problems creating tension one at a time. Let your feelings flow freely. Calm down slowly. Convince your mind that the painful events have happened and have become a history. You or the person causing pains cannot go back to the past and make corrections. There is no use thinking over it. Most of the painful memories will get wiped out of your mind. A few of them will still remain, which you can never forget. But their frequency will reduce. The pain will lose its sting.

As regards to problems, convince yourself that the problem is real and needs to be tackled. There are two ways to do it. Either change your path to bypass the problem or find a way to solve it. You cannot stay with the problem. If you do not find a solution, consult a mentor.

Life tips

Here are a few tips to avoid creating unnecessary tension.

  1. Do not overcommit to anyone. It creates false hope in the person whom you overcommit. It may strain your relations if you are not able to fulfil the commitment and gives unnecessary tension to you.
  2. Learn to say a polite but firm no. It may cause a little bitterness at the moment, but avoids further tensions to you and the other person.
  3. Meditate whenever you find time.
  4. Spend some time on a hobby, movie, music of your interest to refresh yourself.
  5. Last but not least share your feelings with your closest person, who may be your partner, child, or a friend. This person can also serve as a mentor. You can find a mentor to help you. Having a mentor makes life easy.

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