There is no doubt that the thought of life after high school can be a scary topic. But, the reality is, the decisions you make now will affect options available to you later on.
Don’t worry, being unclear about your future career aspirations is entirely normal, but here’s why getting professional help to make future career plans is so important:

  • You don’t know what you don’t know. When it comes to career Many people immediately think of the most known roles like Engineer, Doctor, Banker, IAS officer, teacher, chef… but what if you were best suited to being a voice-over artist, or a Tech Blogger, Wine Tester, or Robot Designer? There are 22000 Career Research with Dheya.
  • The education that you choose at a different level have a direct impact on your entry in career.
  • Making changes later costs you time and money; get it right the first time. If you decide to go to Higher education and discover what you have decided to study isn’t for you, there are no refunds. On average an Indian Family Invests 30-40 Lakh in Child Education.
  • And of course, what if you have no idea at all? Take the pressure off, Dheya Certified career Mentor can help you gain direction, instead of going to friends, family, and known relatives for life biggest decision.

Dheya Compass

  • The process begins with orientation with the Family.
  • Personalized session for 120-150 Minute with senior mentors & parent
  • 4 Futuristic Career Path will be created based on a possible destination
  • Career Research detail
  • Finalize Career Destination & Career Path with mile-stones of alternative career paths
  • All this is done in personalized one to one sessions with senior trained & certified Career Mentors, who all are senior Industry professionals.

How do you gain from this Career guidance Services

  • Helps to identify or confirming careers that “fit” their unique profile
  • “What-to-do after-10th/12th?” enigma solved.
  • Help students to narrow down career and college majors that are relevant for their career direction
  • Learn more about their natural abilities and how they relate to the workplace
  • The goal of this program is to identify strengths and talents that point the way to success and satisfaction
  • Reduces unplanned exploration & indecision time, especially in today’s rapid changing market scenario.
  • Reduces child’s efforts in education as they get clarity of purpose and a

Deliverables & Fees

  • Online Advance Psychometric Assessment + Psychometric report on own personality, interests & abilities & 25 pages workbook (to be filled during session)
  • 2 Hr of Personalised Session with Career Mentor for in depth career analysis with One follow-up session.
  • Complimentary 3 Career Development Meets in 1 Year.
  • Discount of 20% on Career Development Programs.
  • DILSE Membership to students and Positive parenting club membership of like-minded parents.
  • Invitation to Speak in Public Forum

INR 15,000 + GST

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Dheya Navigator

It is a good idea to plan your career based on

the big picture, that is, your life plan. Ask


“What kind of life do I want to lead?”

As you can imagine, your career decisions

will dramatically impact your lifestyle.

Your occupation will influence your

Income   |   Work hours   |   Travel   |   Job

security   |   Colleagues and friends   |

 Leisure time   |   Where you live

How Dheya Navigator Career Development Planning help


  • AWARENESS: Trying to find a career without being self-aware is like trying to run a race not knowing where the finish line is. How can you know which career path is going to be most satisfying, if you don’t even know what you’re all about? Dheya Career Assessment will help you to understand your strengths.
  • PLANNING: Based on the results of your self-assessment, you should now have a list of occupations that appear to be a good match with your values, interests, aspiration, and skill set. The career planning process helps you to create an action plan. The action plan is designed to help you reach your goals. It’s like a road map that takes you from choosing a career to finding your first job all the way to achieving your long-term career goals.
  • PREPARATION: Career is a Journey, Once the Blue Print and personalized action plan are developed, it’s Time to Prepare yourself to achieve what is planned. Our Mentors walk the journey with you and your child to make it happen.

Benefits to students and parents by Career Planning

  • Focus on nature, personality, interest & aspiration-based suitable futuristic Career Destination
  • Identification of Strengths, Interests, and Passion. Increased Self-awareness and Aspirations
  • “What-to-do after-10th/12th?” enigma solved.
  • Mapping Futuristic Career Options and Building Long term happy career based on strengths.
  • “What College, Entrance Exam, Scholarship, Preparation Strategy puzzle solved.
  • Get Your Child More Focussed, energetic, proactive, and aspirational towards career and life
  • Save Time, Money, Energy, and Effort by Making Right Career Choices.
  • Focus on Return on Investment (ROI) in your child’s education and development, with a high value yet low-cost education options.

Deliverables & Fees

  • Online Advance Psychometric Assessment + Psychometric report on own personality, interests & abilities & 100 pages workbook (to be filled during session)
  • 3 Personalised Session of 2 Hours Each with 2 Follow up for Task Assigned
  • Four best career decision options for exploration..
  • Charting career development plan(3 Years).
  • Unlimited Monthly Career Development Meet to Attend (Normally Charged 1500/- Per Meet)
  • A discount of 50% on Career Development Programs.
  • DILSE Membership to students and Positive parenting club membership of like-minded parents.
  • Invitation to Speak in Public Forum
  • Hand Holding + Mentor Support ( 1 session per quarter for 3 years)

INR 30,000 + GST

To book a call please fill-up the form provided below this blog.

Success stories

Saurabh has built a sturdy bridge

for his career and life…

“I’m really glad and happy I came across Dheya. It really changed the trajectory of my life. Because of Dheya, I could figure out which field I would like to pursue (which I didn’t even know existed and which I LOVE now). They didn’t just guide me, they helped me throughout the process which I personally think is the fundamental difference between them and many similar organisations. They took a genuine interest in the welfare of my future. I am very grateful for all their help and would like to thank them a ton!“


Shreyans is on his way to success with Dheya…

“Dheya has undoubtedly been key in ensuring my creative growth and in igniting ambition. It was at the age of eleven, under the guidance of Mr. Anand Desai that I undertook the career counseling course and realised my potential as an artistic individual. Through care and his usual inspiring tone, he walked me through my charted course—a tenacious long term yet rewarding career and academic path…

Prathamesh’s achievements make us proud!

“My experience with Dheya was excellent. The personality report gave a detailed explanation of all my strengths. Even the career options I was suggested were explained in depth & I am happy with whatever I’m doing now.”

Let us walk you through to your

dream career holding your hand

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