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Dear High School students

The academic year for 2020-21 is coming to an end. For students appearing for X and XII standards, it is transition time. For them, it is the end of basic education. They will be crossing over to professional education. Dear students, you are at a critical juncture of life. Please refer to the examination dates declared for this year’s examinations. During school education, you had no choice, but to follow a set course. But the way forward is for you to choose. There are a lot of careers to choose from. The choice will decide your future.

In India, we follow the herd mentality of applying for college admissions. The choices are also prefixed by our forefathers. There is always a disparity between available seats and the number of student applicants. The result is a tension-filled wait for merit lists. For those appearing for competitive examinations like NEET, the situation is even more serious. There are approximately 75000 seats available all over India for medical courses, and the number of contestants is around ten lakhs. That means less than 10% of contestants stand a chance to clear the entrance examinations.

Dear students’ times have changed. The opportunities are not the same as those existing in times of your parents. When you can adapt to the new culture, gadgets, etc., why cannot you change the set career choice method?

While looking at the career, first think why are you taking education? The main purpose is to be independent. It is to be able to earn our livelihood. There are hundreds of ways to earn. These hundreds of ways are the available careers. Sportspersons, artists have become millionaires without going to College. 14% of Google employees have not gone to college. You do not find a successful career by competing with others. You actually waste your energy by running with the crowd.

Career choice is done by discovering your own passion. Set a career goal based on passion. Then set a path towards that goal. A career goal means a job or profession that you will like to work on. It is the well-established principle that when an individual works on a job of his/her passion, the creativity of that individual is at the peak. That person never gets Monday blues. Monday blues is the feeling most people get at the start of the week. This is because of their dislike towards their work. The job they work on is not by their choice. Do not let this happen to you.

Challenges for the year 2021

CBSE Board has declared a reduction of the syllabus by 30% this year due to disruption of school operations due to pandemics. This means the number of students passing and their percentage is going to go up. In turn, the cutoff percentage is likely to go higher and there will be cutthroat competition for college admissions.

The opportunities in both Medical and Engineering are reducing due to the fast-developing AI technology. Robots making a diagnosis of some of the cancers within a few minutes have already been developed. A similar scenario exists in Engineering. AI is making inroads on many human jobs.

Therefore it is all the more important to plan your career after Highschool. Throw the herd mentality away of going with the crowd.  Keep in mind that every individual is different and so are you from others. Set your own dream goal in life first. When we talk of dreams, almost everybody thinks of money, luxury cars, and plush house. However, this is not a goal, because there are hundreds of ways to earn money. To job/profession through which you want to earn the money is your dream goal. This is based on your own passion and strengths.

Once you have set your dream goal, then it is easy to find the education stream that takes you towards the dream goal. The process to discover the passion, inner strengths, and marching these with a job/profession is the key to choose the right career. You have time for another five months to do this exercise. If you do this exercise before the results, you will not have to run a blind race of admissions.

The dates for Maharashtra SSC and HSC examinations have been declared. Also, CBSE board has declared the dates of their examinations. The syllabus is going to be reduced to compensate for the lost school hours. But the employers are not going to reduce the eligibility criterion of the jobs. The effect of the last online university examinations is visible. The percentage of students passing has suddenly jumped up by 20-30%.  Though the students may be happy, the employers may strike off this batch from their eligible candidate lists. This indicates how important it is to get out of the herd and select an offbeat career.

Our organization has developed a psychometric tool to find the interests, strengths of the individuals. This tool has been tested and proven after long research. Over 300,000 students have taken advantage of our advice and counseling to date. It is our mission to develop a creative, highly successful young generation.

Spending a little fee on the counseling saves huge education costs and especially important years of student’s life spent on useless education. Write to us for more information. We shall be happy to help you.

Also, read page “Career plans”.

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SSC, HSC examinations scheduled for 2021.

As per a recent announcement made by Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, the CBSE board exams will commence on May 4 and will be continued till June 10, 2021.

Maharashtra SSCE board – Examinations for X standard will commence from 29th April 2021 up to 31st May 2021. Results will be declared in August 2021.

Examinations for the XII standard will be held from 23 April 2021 to 29 May 2021. Results will be declared in July 2021.

Wish you Good Luck.

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