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Build your future – Now or never

We are all curious about our future. Most of us like to peep in the future with the help of Astrologists. Some go to the astrologists, some read daily, weekly forecasts in newspapers. However, everybody has his/her own dreams about the future. But we do not know how to make that dream a reality. Wondered about converting a dream into reality?

Plan your future

It is no wonder. It is a regular process we follow in our day-to-day life. Consider a woman deciding to cook food for the family. She decides on a menu that suits the tastes of her family members and the number of members. She checks the ingredients required their availability in her kitchen.  Then she plans activities like cutting, chopping, mixing, cooking, and frying, etc. Then she executes activities in a predetermined sequence. Finally serves the food in a presentable fashion.

The same process applies to building our future. We visualize a dream, we plan our way towards it, we execute the right steps, and finally, we realize our dream. It is that simple.

Visualize a dream

A smiling pilot in the cockpit of a small commuter airplane is giving the thumbs-up sign with his left hand. His right hand is on the control stick, and he is wearing his headset and sunglasses. The co-pilot’s chair on his right is empty.

The first important step is visualization. Considering the above example, the Dream visualization has to be realistic. Like the woman before deciding the menu, checks the availability of ingredients, and her budget. In the case of visualization of dream main considerations are our skills, strengths, finances, and the environment, current and future. Let us take some examples before I explain further.

Sachin Tendulkar:

He found his passion for Cricket. Therefore he did not pursue academic education beyond school. He chose a career in cricket. He followed Coach Mr. Ramakant Acharekar whom he could afford to, worked hard, and remained focused on his dream goal of becoming a great cricketer.

The whole world knows the result. Imagine if his parents had gone by the herd mentality of selecting an academic career over sports. He would not have been nearby to what he actually achieved.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

M.S.Dhoni had a secure job in Indian Railways as a Ticket checker. He discovered that his interest was not in that job. He took a risk. Gave up that job and decided to make a career as a cricketer, which was his passion. He became a great cricketer and one of the most successful captains of Indian team.

Dhirubhai Ambani:

He worked with a petrol dealer in a gulf country. He found that he was not born to work in a routine job under a boss. He gave up his job and returned to India. He started exporting spices to gulf countries. From there he progressed and became the country’s leading industrialist. He went from almost zero to build an industrial empire worth more than Three hundred billion Rupees.

The above are a few examples to show how an ordinary person can reach great heights, provided proper career choice is done at the right stage. Though everyone cannot equal these great personalities, they can definitely achieve great success and happy life.

Herd mentality

What is currently happening is following the herd mentality. Parents only know few careers like Doctor, Engineer, CA, or Lawyer. Without checking the child’s interest and skills, parents force these careers on their children. Little do they understand that they are ruining the talents which exist in their child?

Consider an example of students choosing a career as a Doctor.

In 2020, 15,97,433 students registered for the NEET examination, which is an entrance test for admission to MBBS and BDS degrees. The total available seats for MBBS are 75893 and 26693 for BDS. That means only 4.75% of students can get admissions for MBBS and 1.7% for BDS. This percentage will further reduce for the general category taking into account various reservations. This implies the fact that even before the examination that 95% of students are going to fail to get admissions.

Without knowing the facts, without understanding the child’s interest parents push their children into a race which they are more likely to lose. The coaching classes for this examination charge anywhere from Rs. 50000/- to 100000/-. The poor students spend their time, efforts; sacrificing their own interests preparing for this examination. Consider what a huge loss of money, more importantly efforts and time result due to the herd mentality. I have not mentioned the frustration and resulting depression the student suffers for no-fault. There are so many examples including University graduation not detailed here.

Appeal to parents and Teachers

My earnest request to parents is not to go by herd mentality and harm your child’s future. Your child may be a hidden star. Explore his/her skills, strengths, talents with the help of a Career mentor. A small investment in career selection advice will go a long way in making justice to the talents existing in the child. I request all readers especially Teachers to spread the message to as many friends, relatives, and colleagues. You will be doing a noble job of saving at least one career from being wasted.

This has assumed even more importance due to the post-Covid 19 new normal and advent of AI (Artificial intelligence). For details of AI, read my blog “Robots are coming to take your jobs”. This effect is going to change the job market.

The academic year of High school is coming to an end soon. The decision of career selection has to be done now. Those who have already prepared for the entrance examinations like NEET and CET should also get the assessment for career selection done so that they are prepared for an alternate career, should they not be able to clear the entrance examination.

Also, we are offering huge discounts on the counseling fee considering that many parents are affected by the pandemic lockdown.  These discounts are available for a limited period.

For career mentoring, fill up your contact details in the form below. You may also contact me through Whatsup message or call me directly.

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