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Artificial Intelligence or Robots are coming to take your Jobs

When I was a child i.e. the period up-to 1970s, the construction industry employed thousands of unskilled laborers for excavation, loading, unloading jobs. These jobs provided employment to a huge population coming from rural areas. Later machines like excavators, dumpers, and drills took over these jobs.

A lot of these populations lost employment. New jobs were created for operating, maintaining these machines. Only those who learned the new skills got employment. Rest had to go back to their villages.

Around the 1980s computers made an entry in India. Labor unions made a strong protest due to fear of loss of jobs. But computers later became the most essential device in our day to day operations.

Again people working as clerks lost their jobs. Banks and other organizations reduced their staff by announcing Voluntary Retirement Schemes.

Change is the only constant

Change is a part of life and is inevitable. Everyone has seen changes in their lives. But due to the technological advances and especially Covid19, the changes are coming at a faster pace. The new normal requires less crowding, social distancing, etc. Though the new vaccines make their entry, these changes in behavior are going to stay. Additionally, employers have already tested Work from Home systems successfully. This system has saved lots of administrative costs for employers. Therefore employers are in favor of atomization.

The technology referred to as AI or Artificial Intelligence is the new challenge before all of us. Until now it was only in fiction that we read or saw robots doing human jobs in Hollywood movies. But now we are experiencing it as a stark reality. This technology was earlier expected to replace a lot of human jobs in the next 20 years. But in practice, it has already started to be active and will spread to all jobs not requiring special skills in the next five years.

Robots already in action

Pizza delivery by automated drones, auto driven cars, and robotic surgery are all examples of AI. Automated drones are already used by the United States for military operations on large scale. These drones do activities like surveillance, recognition of wanted terrorists, and shooting them down. I just saw a video which showed Bahrain king with his Robot bodyguard.

It is not going to be too long before this technology makes an appearance in our daily activities. Nobody knows for sure which and how many jobs AI is going to cover under its grasp. But experts are sure that it will take over all routine jobs which do not require special skills.

Following are some of the jobs which are sure to be taken over by Artificial intelligence.

Personal Assistant:

Voice to text conversion software is already available. Using this software, officers can directly dictate into the system and the software can convert it into text and save/print the same. Also once a periodic schedule is fed by a manager into the system, the system can automatically arrange meetings, send reminders on its own.

Supply chain

Once the annual demand for a product and service is fed into the system it can generate complete inventory requirement period-wise. It can further process orders based on available stocks.

This will eliminate a lot of staff from the supply chain whose job is to update the inventory and order material.


It can update the inventory based on receipts and issues and provide inputs for purchase and production. Material unloading from trucks and stacking it in proper places can also be done by the robots.

This will end the need for warehouse staff from storekeeper to loading/unloading staff.

Industry and Healthcare

Production lines are already automated. This could further extend to maintenance. I was talking to elevator (Lifts) salespeople from major MNC’s for procurement of lifts. They informed me that they have developed a device that can constantly monitor the elevators and troubleshoot common problems directly. In case a major problem is developing, the device can diagnose, and directly contact the service head and inform the problem.

The above examples are from Industry. Other fields like Healthcare, Hospitality, and entertainment are also in line for automation.

Robotic surgery is already in the advanced stage and being put into practice. This will reduce the requirement for a large number of medical staff assisting the chief surgeon. Robotic nurses will be used for the distribution of medicines to patients in Hospitals. These robots are already being tested. The same technology will be used to replace waiters in Restaurants. Auto driven cars will eliminate drivers.


Start preparing now for the big change

The list is unending. This is not to create a scare among the readers. The purpose is to warn the readers and make them aware of future changes.

It is said forewarned is also forearmed. Similarly in this case there is a silver lining to the dark changes. According to experts, more jobs will be created than those which are lost. But the new jobs will require new skills. It is for us to prepare for new jobs with new skills.

New skills will definitely require IT related skills. But that is not a reason to worry. These new skills are adaptable by everyone. All of the new opportunities do not require complex skills like coding etc. But they definitely require training. There are various courses available for this skills training.

Message for students

Students need to consider these changes and plan their careers accordingly. The herd mentality like everybody aiming for a career in Medical or Engineering will not work anymore. Parents note that career planning for their children is extremely important. The days of following the old beaten paths are gone. I request them to get professional guidance for career planning and secure their future.

Message for working professionals

It is all the more important for these people to take immediate action. These people have the responsibility of their families on their heads. Any wrong move or lack of action will affect their near and dear ones heavily. These professionals will have to start training in new skills. There are different jobs being created due to AI. Everyone will have to select a career that is an extension of their existing career. This will make it easy to learn and master a new career at the earliest. Selection of the right career is extremely important. They cannot afford to fail in their endeavor. Also, they have to ensure that the transition from their present job to the new career has to be at minimum disruption to their family life. Advice from mentors is most essential for the selection of a new career and implementing the transition towards it.

Do not wait for the ax to fall. When the ax of AI falls it will be like a tsunami. It will wipe out a lot of jobs at a stroke. Do not worry, act now.

There is an opportunity in adversity. New skills are always rewarded with salary hikes. Please fill up the table below and write your queries in the comments below.  I shall be happy to answer your questions.

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