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Great examples

Late Dr. Abdul Kalam was born in a remote village of Tamilnadu in an ordinary family. He became India’s great scientist known as India’s missile man and went ahead to become India’s President.

Late Dhirubhai Ambani was an ordinary person working with a petrol dealer in a gulf country. He became India’s leading Entrepreneur/Industrialist.

Sachin Tendulkar was born in a middle-class family. He became an international cricket legend.

Except for being great personalities, they had nothing in common.


The above examples show us that every person has different strengths and different skills. So no one is comparable with the other person. What is important is to discover our own skills, strengths, and interests. We need to use them wisely.

The message is loud and clear. Stop comparing yourself with others and parents “stop comparing your child with others”. I remember a quote that I must reproduce in this context.

Do not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. It will keep trying the whole of its life and feel stupid. A fish will have to be judged by its ability to swim.

Every individual is born with different skills. A deaf person has very sharp eyesight. A blind has a very sharp ear. What is required is to discover our own interests, skills, and use them as strength to advance in life.

Your dream your goal

First and most important is to set a goal in our life. The goal has to be consistent with our strength. Our success in life is measured by our ability to reach the goal. Winning a race or topping in an examination is not necessarily a success. After all only one of the competitors can win.

Once a dream life goal is selected, planning our way towards it is the next step. Finally, get obsessed with the desire to attain that goal. Focus all your energy on pushing your way towards your goal.

I have been stressing this point again and again because the future is going to be very different. Advancing technologies are going to make routine jobs redundant. To get a job everyone will need some sort of specialization. This is not to imply that there will be large scale unemployment. Lost jobs will be replaced by new jobs. You have to be ready with the required skills.

Artificial intelligence and human jobs will be topic of my next blog.

The new careers

In my last blog, I had mentioned about Digital Marketing as a new developing career. I had suggested an Internship program for this career. Apart from the internship program, there is also an online course available from the same Digital guru. If you need to know more about it, please fill up your contact details in the form below and I shall be happy to send the details by email.

One new career with growing demand is “Health, Safety, and Environment”. Already all Multi-National Companies have a dedicated department for this function. The international debate on the environment and strict laws in western countries have made the safety of employees and property have made it necessary for all MNC’s to give these special considerations. The global pandemic has made it even important in the new normal.

This function involves planning the workplace to ensure employee health and safety. Further, it requires monitoring activities to ensure that SOP is being followed. They have to carry out safety audits. It is their responsibility to review any incidences challenging health and safety and suggest measures to avoid such incidences in the future. This is a very important department in all multinationals, as western advanced countries have very strict laws for lapses in this area.

The salaries range from INR 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum depending on the position and organization.

For more information fill up the following form and I shall be happy to mail the information to you.

I shall be writing about new opportunities in my future blogs. Keep looking for my blog every Friday. Those who are interested in Digital  Marketing are requested to fill up their email id in the form below and I shall send you details and preliminary information to your inbox.

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