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Warning: “Before you take up a new career it is always preferable to consult a Career Mentor to decide its suitability to your inner strengths. Otherwise, it may turn out to be a waste of money and efforts”

It is said that need is the mother of invention. This refers to new inventions in technical, medical, and social fields. This is also true in our daily life. We have been passing through a bad phase. The year 2020 has posed a lot of problems before everybody all over the globe. The problems range from Loss of jobs, closure of schools, entertainment facilities to social life. The most that have hit almost everybody is reduction or loss of income. This need has made it necessary to find new income sources. I have seen many people have started selling vegetables, fruits, and fresh fish on the road. They use the dickey of their cars as their stall. This profession was not considered as doable except by a selected community before. However, this is not possible for those who are used to office work.

The new era has ushered in many new opportunities for common people. Digital marketing is one promising opportunity. It requires the following abilities:

Education: Up to XII standard desirable

Skills: Good knowledge of English (Writing)

: Should be fairly computer conversant

Requirements: Should have a computer/laptop and broadband internet connection

It does not require any financial investment.

Let us get introduced to Digital Marketing.

Marketing is an age-old profession and will last till the end of the world. Every producer/service provider requires a marketing agent to bring customers to buy his/her product or service. Initially, it used to be person to person. In this system, the marketer was able to contact one person at a time. As production grew, a need arose to contact a large number of probable customers. Marketers started advertising their products/services on print media i.e. newspapers, magazines, etc. This gave them exposure to a large number of people. This further changed to advertising on TV.

However, the above types of advertisements are costly and are not very cost-effective except for fast moving consumer goods. With the internet becoming an international communication channel, Digital Marketing techniques were developed. This type of advertising allows sellers to reach exactly those people who may require a particular product/service. This is very cost-effective.

Digital Marketing involves the following:

  1. Website marketing – In this system, an individual creates his/her website and advertises different products on the website.
  2. Facebook advertising – Here an individual can create an advertising account on Facebook and advertise products/services. This is very cheap and the advertiser can select his/her own budget starting Rs. 75/- per day and for a duration as required.
  3. Google advertising – This is a little costlier but much more effective. They charge per click, only when the viewer clicks on the advertisement.
  4. Online selling – In this method, anybody can sell their products/services on popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc. The site charges their commission from the payment received.

There is much more in Digital Marketing. Anybody can use this method and sell his/her own product or sell other companies’ products and earn a commission. A lot of people around the world are using Digital Marketing for earning extra income in their spare time. Those who master this technique can make this a full-time income source.

However, there is a word of caution for those who are new to this field. Once you start searching for work from home jobs on the internet, you will find your inbox full of emails canvassing for different systems. They promise easy money, huge income without any efforts. Please ignore these ads. There is no method in the world that pays without effort and time. There is no substitute for hard work.

This profession is for anybody from students to working professionals and even housewives. Those who are conversant with computers and are good in English can do this and earn handsome income from home. It does not require any large investment except for training cost. The only requirement is a computer with an internet connection. A lot of people around the world are making extra money using Digital Marketing. The super digital marketers are earning an income that you will not believe. Of course, they have attained that success after dedicated and hard efforts.

My suggestion is that you learn Digital Marketing from a trusted source.

Deepak Kankaraju is a well known Digital Marketing guru. He started his career with reputed international brands as Digital Marketing Manager and went to start his own agency. His agency provides services to international brands which include Mercedes Benz. He is an international coach for Digital Marketing. He is the one who does not make fake claims. His training is a proper mix of theory and practice.

I highly recommend Digital Marketing Internship offered by him.

Those who are interested to know more about this course are requested to fill up their email address and comments if any, in the form below. I shall mail you the details.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy. Procrastination is postponing action after an idea strikes us. The first step towards success is to start. If you keep thinking, you will never start.

Wish you Good luck.

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