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Nature has been dynamic. It is never static. Time keeps moving ahead at its own pace. It does not go fast forward or slow down or stop for a moment. We have to keep moving with time. Time cannot be managed. We have to manage ourselves with time. If we stop, we are thrown behind because the rest of the world keeps moving. While moving ahead, we have two options.

The first option is to move fast and try to be a leader. For this one need to gather extra energy, special skill and most important is to have foresight. The leaders have a goal set for their life. They focus their energy, skills to achieve their goal. They plan their strategy by foreseeing the future paths. So they are better prepared to handle difficulties coming their way. Bur everyone cannot be a leader. Take an example of students appearing for NEET and CET entrance examinations. Lakhs of students appear for these examinations. Everyone wants to be a Doctor or Engineer. Only 1% of the students clear the examination. The rest of them all, face frustration after working hard for preparing for these examinations. Their parents do not mind spending thousands of Rupees on coaching classes. But they do not want to spend a small fee on Career counseling.

The second option is to choose a different path less trodden. Here you do not have much competition.

In both the options except for personal skills and strengths, the rest of the things are common. Planning is the most important part of having a happy life. It starts with setting a life goal.

The principle of setting a life goal is to match our inner interests, inherent skills, and strengths with the life goal. Life goal is what we want to be.

Goal setting is an important task. We have to select a Goal that is attainable, taking into consideration our physical and financial limitations, opportunities that are available, and future prospects, etc. A youth aspiring to be a mountaineer should not set a Goal of climbing Mount Everest. The youth is most likely to fail and early failure results in Frustration. So it is always desirable to start with an attainable goal. Goals have to be progressive.

Once we have decided on our Goal, we have to plan our route to success. Remember, there is no universal path to success. Also do not mistake success as winning a race or competition. It is attaining our goal. The joy of attaining our goal is immense. Achieving life dream is a real win.

Before setting on a journey we study different routes to our destination. Then we select the best route depending on the time required to travel, ease of travel, our budget, etc. The same applies here. Here we find information that is required to reach our Goal. The first thing to find is the required eligibility for that goal i.e. the job/profession. Then we find what knowledge is required to be eligible for the job. The next step is to find the courses, institutes that provide the required knowledge. Finally, to find the training, cost, assess our own resources like funds, acquired knowledge, help available, etc.

In India, there is no goal setting. Most of the children after passing out of High School go for university education without setting any goal. They start searching for a job after their getting a College Degree. Such an aimless education only results in frustration. They have to be content in whatever job they get. Life is boring and dull for them.

The final step is to self motivate. For self-motivation, different tools are available. Some of the tools are learning from experiences of successful people, following leaders from our field of operation. The best is to find a Mentor who can guide, encourage, and appreciate.

Lastly, we should evaluate our success. Success comes in different stages. There is Primary success in which we attain success to a certain extent. The next stage is where we attain a comfortable success and finally a complete success. In any case, success is a success. Remember it is always progressive. That means we should always revise of goal after successfully attaining one.

Hence enjoy every stage of success, whether primary or comfortable. This enjoyment provides motivation for the next level of success.  So go ahead and succeed in your chosen field.

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