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Take Control of Your Own Life


Imagine you are traveling in a car. The car is driven by somebody other than you. Any mistake done by the driver will cost you in terms of injury, sometimes life. On the other hand, if you are driving it yourself, you will be better placed in looking after your safety.

Now consider your life as a vehicle and driven by somebody other than you. May that other one be your parents, wife, or friend. Then that person will drive your life from his/her point of view and you will be dragged on the path chosen by that person. Even if that person has your interests high in his/her mind. Any person other than you cannot fit in your shoes. To be happy in life one has to be independent on his/her own.

Story of a Bird

Let me reproduce a story.

“Long time ago there was a King, who brought one chick of an eagle and reared it. Once it grew up, he thought of freeing it. The King ordered his servants to free it up. The cage door was opened. The chick came out but did not fly. It was kept on a tree branch and left there. But even after waiting for a long time, it did not fly. The King was sad. He declared a huge prize to whoever that makes the bird fly. A lot of people tried to get the prize but failed. The King was very sad.

Then came a poor farmer, who asked permission to make a try. The King was not very optimistic but allowed him to try. The farmer went to the tree and after a few moments came back. The King asked what happened. The farmer pointed at the sky. To his surprise, the King saw the bird flying in the sky. He asked the farmer what trick he did. The farmer said, Sir, I just cut the branch the bird was sitting on. The moment it lost support, it had to save itself. So it flapped its wings and realized its potential.”



The conclusion of the story is that “A person realizes his/her own potential only when he/she gives up the supports.” Therefore in western countries, they ask their children to start earning once they are 18 years of age. This not only makes them responsible but makes them aware of their capabilities.

Current status

In India, parents support their children until the age of 20 years or more. The children are not aware of their strengths and interests. So they complete their education whatever they can. The career chosen is based on somebody’s advice without any basis. Then they get a job. The choice is based on salary and perks. In some cases, because they do not have an option. Their career growth in such jobs is very slow.


This has been going along for years in our country because job security was quite satisfactory. But in the coming future, job security will be nonexistent. Normal jobs right from accountant to technology will be replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Every job will require some specialization. Therefore parents open up your eyes before it is too late.  Prepare your child for the future. Make a proper career choice for him/her when in school. The preferred age is 13 years. Any child from this age or more needs to decide their career options to ensure a Happy and prosperous life.

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