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Career Goals Sixty years back

When I was young (Schoolboy) i.e. almost sixty years back, there were very limited opportunities available after school. Almost all parents had only two goals in mind for their children. These were Engineers and Doctors. Very few chose careers as an Accountant or Lawyer for their kids. The choice mostly used to be based on the Family’s traditional profession. Art was never considered as a career choice. Technical professions like Mechanic, welder, electrician, etc. were considered as below dignity. Hence were followed only by tradition.


Growth in Career Opportunities around the year 2000

Career goals are always linked to earning potential. With large-scale development in India post-economic liberalization, there was a sudden growth of industries, followed by infrastructure development and service providers. This created a huge demand for skilled labor in all fields. Since these were not career targets for most of the students, there was a shortage of these candidates in the market. This led to the handsome salary package for these jobs.


Broad Spectrum of Career Goals

As there was an increase in salaries, more and more career goals became available after school. Unfortunately, there were no career guidance services available at the school level to guide students to take advantage of the new opportunities. This service is still not available in most of the schools. Hence parents send their children to College for getting University degrees. They unknowingly waste three valuable years of the life of their children and their own money on their education. A University degree is only for those who want to make a career in teaching and research, whichever branch they choose. Again the degree is not enough to get a job. Further education is required to make the student eligible for a job. Gone are the days when students used to complete college education and then they used to search for jobs. Today employers need candidates who are job-ready. They do not want to want to waste their salaries for training fresh candidates which takes a month or two.


Importance of Career Planning

Just imagine after working hard for three years for getting a Degree, if the student finds that there is no job available for his qualification what frustration that student will face. Therefore it is all the more important for the students especially their parents plan careers when their children are in school.


Broad Career Opportunities


Engineering – Need to be strong in Physics and Mathematics.

Doctor – Strong in Biology and Chemistry. Needs to have high patience and emotional quotient. To start practice independently has to spend at least two years in internship and mandatory rural service after passing MBBS.

Research in both engineering and medical

Food Science

Healthcare services

Pathology – Laboratory technicians, chemists

CAT scan, X-ray, MRI  technicians

Nursing, Counseling



Column, Blog writers

Social services



Fine arts



Chartered Account

Cost Account

Financial consultation

Investment Specialists

Offbeat futuristic opportunities

Health Safety and Environment Management

Cyber Security

Digital Marketing

The list is endless.

With proper planning let the children enjoy a successful life. The transition from Highschool to further education is an important phase in a student’s life. Take a start with proper career planning.

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2 thoughts on “Expanding Career Goals Spectrum

  1. Very valuable information for those who are not able to take decision about their career fortunately I had set my goal of joining Army .After retirement got involved in correspondence with government officials for getting ownership rights of our ancestoral property. Since digital online correspondence has not yet started in government offices I didn’t pay attention to learning computer systems now at the age of 82.5 it’s late to join course .I get confused when iam asked password s by Google ,Facebook newspapers while writing comments they asked me use blogs. Some ask permission to share my email .when my grand children are around I am told not to share with anyone .may I know if there are fiber security advisers who help in reorganizing my comments data ,email, government correspondence and how long it takes and appropriate fees .sorry for long letter .hope you will reply at your convenience with regards Phadkar

    1. Dear Mr. Phadkar
      I appreciate your concerns. However, I suggest not to take any technical help and waste your money. Take the following precautions.
      1. Do not click on links received from unknown sources.
      2. Weblinks starting with http:// are unsecured. That means they can be intercepted. Weblinks with https:// are safe.
      3. Any attachment from an unknown source is dangerous.
      4. Before sending any email make sure that the email address typed is correct. Any mistake any spelling may result in mail being delivered to the wrong person or getting bounced.
      5. Never ever exchange your password, sensitive details like KYC, Bank account number unless you are on official and confirmed sites.
      When in doubt, consult your grandsons/granddaughters. I know they are busy with their activities. But we can always request them to help.

      One more request. There are careers in defense forces. If you have information about specific careers, please share, which will be helpful to the young generation.

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